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Arlington M&A Advisory Firm

When an Arlington M&A advisory firm asks for sky-high fees up front in exchange to sell your business, that should serve as a red flag. While this is an all too common practice amongst M&A firms, one company proves that it doesn’t have to be the norm.

Here at MDR & Associates, our M&A advisory firm in Arlington TX eliminates up-front costs all together. Instead, we absorb the expenses tied in with bringing your company to market and only get paid when, and if, we complete a successful transaction.

More Arlington TX M&A business brokers should adopt this performance-based fee structure. It helps put clients at ease, knowing that their advisors are being proactive about lining up qualified buyers.

Hand selecting our clients

Our Arlington M&A advisory firm is very selective about who we work with. This is not because we are snotty. In fact, it’s quite to the contrary. We only want to work with clients that have goals and expectations we can fulfill. We are honest and upfront about who we can, and cannot, help.

You can be confident that, if MDR & Associates chooses to take your engagement, we will deliver a deal that meets your requirements. We will not waste your time.

Is my company a good fit for MDR & Associates?

Generally speaking, MDR & Associates works with established companies that have a market value anywhere between $500,000 and $50 million. There are other factors that we look for, and we can explore those at a free discovery meeting.

Sit down with the staff of our M&A advisory firm in Arlington TX and we will examine aspects of your business and listen to your goals for a transaction.

Learn why we are an Arlington M&A advisory firm that has garnered glowing references from a number of CPAs, lawyers and financial advisors. Contact MDR & Associates.

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