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Welcome to MDR & Associates, where our staff serves as a valuable resource for business owners in San Antonio looking to buy a business. Led by one of our seasoned professionals, CEO Michael D. Rubin, our firm will provide the tools, intelligence and service required to acquire a business.

What to look for when you buy a business in San Antonio TX

Every business owner has different goals. These goals will dictate what kinds of deals are considered strategic acquisitions. That is why it is important to first meet with our San Antonio TX business broker advisors and map our what the goals and strategy of your business are.

In general terms, the following are a few factors that are necessary for professionals in San Antonio to buy a business.

  • Market value: Accurately assessing the market value of a company is essential when you look to buy a business in San Antonio TX. Errors committed at this stage of the deal making process means that you might overpay or acquire an unsustainable business.
  • Recent growth: As a buyer, you want to make sure that the business you are looking to acquire shows signs of consistent growth. This represents financial potential. Companies that have recently faced periods of negative growth might just be conducting a liquidation sale.
  • Structure of the deal: Structuring the deal is crucial to the long-term success of the transaction. This is where the knowledge and experience on staff at MDR & Associates serves as such a valuable asset.

Let MDR & Associates handle your acquisition

If you need help in San Antonio to buy a business, please contact a member of our staff to set up a complimentary consultation appointment. We would love to get to know more about you and your business.

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