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Austin M&A Advisory Firm

At MDR & Associates, many business owners approach our Austin M&A advisory firm with questions about selling their company. Enlisting the help of true professionals like we have on staff is the first step in uncovering a competitive deal.

Our M&A advisory firm in Austin TX generally works with companies with a market value anywhere between $500,000 and $50 million. Our savvy professionals also work with companies in all different industries. This knowledge comes in handy when it comes to lining up a strategic buyer, or even finding a wise acquisition that could benefit your business.

A crash course in selling a business

Our Austin M&A business brokers take a very active approach to shopping your business around and finding multiple interested buyers. We are affiliated with an extensive network of individual buyers and buyer groups that we bring your business to before marketing it online and to the general public.

When our Austin M&A advisory firm receives a bid on your business, you by no means have to accept it. In fact, you have a few options.

  • Accept offer
  • Reject offer
  • Submit a counteroffer

Led by CEO Michael D. Rubin, our team of world-class professionals will work alongside of you the entire time, offering helpful advice and insight.

At MDR & Associates, we strive to provide service that is filled with integrity, transparency and confidentiality. Operating with Christian values, our clients truly appreciate the personal level of attention they receive from our M&A advisory firm in Austin TX.

Join our Austin M&A advisory firm for a free discovery session, where we will take a hard look at your business and let you know honestly if we can serve your best interests. We aren’t a perfect fit for all clients, and it’s worth your time to see if MDR & Associates is a solid fit for you.

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