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What is EBITDA and Why is it Relevant to You?

If you’ve heard the term EBITDA thrown around and not truly understood what it means, now is the time to take a closer look, as it can be used to determine the value of your business. That stated, there are some issues that one has to keep in mind while using this revenue calculation. Here […]

5 Tips for Buyers of International Businesses

The decision to buy an international business is no doubt quite serious. There are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not an international business purchase is the right move. Let’s take a closer look. Tip #1 – Relocating Vs. Hiring a Manager Buying an international business can also mean […]

5 Reasons Buying a Business is Preferable to Starting a New One

If you are considering running your own business, one of the first questions that might pop in your mind is: should I start a new one or buy an established business. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the age-old dilemma of buying an existing business verses starting a new one from scratch. […]

Family-Owned Businesses Do Have Choices

Family-owned businesses do have some options when it comes time to sell. Selling the entire business may not be the best choice when there are no other family members involved. Here are some choices to be considered: Internal Transactions Hire a CEO – This approach is a management exit strategy in which the owner retires, […]

Who Is Today’s Buyer?

It has always been the American Dream to be independent and in control of one’s own destiny. Owning your own business is the best way to meet that goal. Many people dream about owning their own business, but when it gets right down to it, they just can’t make that leap of faith that is […]

Why Deals Fall Apart — Loss of Momentum

Deals fall apart for many reasons – some reasonable, others unreasonable. For example: • The seller doesn’t have all his financials up to date. • The seller doesn’t have his legal/environmental/administrative affairs up to date. • The buyer can’t come up with the necessary financing. • The well known “surprise” surfaces causing the deal to […]

Buying a Business

Our Dallas M & A Advisory team will perform a focused search to find qualified businesses that match your acquisition criteria. We are in contact with hundreds of companies that have or are contemplating a sale in the near future. Contact our M & A advisory firm today to discuss your specific acquisition goals and […]

Proven M & A Advisory Firm/Business Brokerage In Texas

Working with experienced, qualified business brokers/m & a advisors dramatically increases your chances of completing a successful transaction. We are one of the top business brokers in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio with a proven track record of taking deals to the finish line. Our M & A advisory team has successfully closed over 60 […]

Zero-up-front Fees

The average M & A advisory firm in Texas will charge $10.000-$50.000 up front before they have brought a single buyer to the table. This is simply not our business model. We offer a 100% pay for performance business model that is really quite simple. Our M & A advisory firm takes all the risk […]

Dallas Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

MDR & Associates is a boutique M & A Advisory firm with offices in Dallas and Houston. We specialize in selling companies with revenues between $3,000,000 and $100,000,000 in the manufacturing, distribution, service and construction industries. We offer a complimentary discovery meeting and free opinion of value to our clients. Our firm was founded on […]