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Houston Business Brokers

There is no shortage of Houston business brokers available to help you when buying or selling a business. However, in order for business owners to protect their legacy and the company that they worked so hard to make a success, they must turn to professionals that have their best interests at heart.

MDR & Associates is comprised of business brokers in Houston TX that take a professional, honest approach to this often-complex industry. With over 200 successful transactions, we have quickly garnered a reputation as one of the premier M&A advisory firms in Texas.

How MDR & Associates is different from other firms

As trusted Houston business brokers, MDR & Associates approaches our job a little differently, and have woven practices and philosophies into our operation that are a breath of fresh air for business owners.

  • Emphasizing our core values: MDR & Associates is rooted in Christian values and approaches all deals and clients with integrity, transparency and confidentiality. These are all values that potential clients look for when shopping around for brokers.
  • Selective with clients: As business brokers in Houston TX, we only accept clients that we know we can help. Why waste your time if our team is not confident that we can meet your goals and expectations? This mentality has contributed to our 90 percent success rate.

Our Houston business brokers could potentially be a major asset for anyone buying or selling an established business. We generally work with companies that are $1 million to $50 million in size. Consult with our team to see if we can help you.

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