Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Houston Business Valuation Services

When it comes to Houston business valuations, there is no such thing as an exact science. In fact, putting a fair and accurate value on your business hinges on the professionals you work with.

Here at MDR & Associates, we provide Houston business valuation services in addition to a broad range of sell side advisory services. In fact, our team can work with you from start to finish, all in an effort to sell your business both quickly and for top dollar.

We specialize in working with companies belonging to all different industries that gross anywhere from $1 million to $100 million in revenue. We have worked with owners of these mid-size companies to successfully exit their businesses and do so for maximum value. We invite you to join us and do the same.

Work with our Houston business valuation consultants

The valuation process is a critical one when it comes to selling a business. This is what you’re going to be basing your sale price on, and you’re going to need to defend this valuation for when a buyer scrutinizes it. That’s why so many business owners and entrepreneurs turn to MDR & Associates for business valuations in Houston TX.

We are diligent in combing through information unique to your business, the industry it belongs to and the M&A market. This allows us to put a fair, accurate estimate on your business — one that we can back up with compelling arguments and data if a buyer ever questions it.

As a testament to our Houston business valuations, most of the businesses we have sold, were sold for the value we assigned, or somewhere close.

Confidentiality is key

From our Houston business valuation services to the many other sell side advisory services that we provide, we know that confidentiality is crucial in this process. Letting the public know that you might be selling your business can be detrimental to the transaction or your business as a whole.

MDR & Associates operates with complete confidentiality in mind and will make sure that all your sensitive information is kept under wraps.

The successful sale of a business starts with fool-proof Houston business valuations. The team at MDR & Associates is ready to work with you!

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