Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Irving Business Valuations Services

If you are looking to sell your company, our Irving business valuations deal team will help you get the maximum value. We help businesses find buyers and sellers.

We know how to value your business for optimal results by analyzing its financials, operations, market forecasts, and competitors. We will provide an unbiased assessment of the company’s current worth so that you can negotiate with buyers or investors on a fair price when they approach you.


Before you consider any offers, it’s important to know what your company is worth. We provide Irving business valuation services so any potential buyer has useful metrics that show exactly why they should pay top dollar for your assets.

  • Fair Market Value – The price that the property, land, and fixtures would sell for on the open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts,
  • Competitive Market Analysis – Our Irving business valuation consultants provide buyers with this metric to show how your company stacks up against others in the industry in the market(s) where you operate.
  • Profitability Metrics – We will use, for instance, return on equity or ROE and return on assets or ROA so potential buyers can see that your business has been able to generate a profit consistently.
  • Adjusted Proceeds – This is your sale price less any selling costs. The adjusted proceeds are then subject to tax depending on whether it is a short-term or long-term investment.


We know that selling your business can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why our team that provides business valuations in Irving TX also provide marketing services to help you market your company for sale, including:

  • Advertising across all platforms, including digital marketing
  • Locating prospective buyers and negotiating with them
  • Closing the sale


Whether you need to sell now or are looking to sell in the future, we provide you with Irving business valuations so you can sell your company at the highest price possible. Please contact MDR & Associates at (855) 637-2776. Consultations are free and you don’t pay us a cent until we sell your company.

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