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Plano Business Brokers

Teaming up with the right Plano business brokers to sell a company can be the difference between the optimal deal and one in which you get the short end of the stick. When business owners decide to sell, we encourage them to consult with the expert staff at MDR & Associates to see the proven and quality service we have to offer our clients.

We are business brokers in Plano TX that are very selective of who we work with. We pick and choose our clients based on our ability to fulfill their needs. We want to make sure we deliver on all the needs and expectations of each and every client.

MDR & Associates caters to a wide range of businesses and business owners. Most often, we deal with businesses surrounded by the following criteria.

  • Companies that have a market value ranging from $500,000 and $50 million.
  • Businesses that have been around roughly five to 30 years.
  • Often, we work for business owners who are retiring and would like the legacy of their company to continue.
  • Companies that have experienced consistent growth over the last few years. This growth will attract multiple buyers, who see promise in the company.

Plano business brokers

Many M&A advisory firms will charge you money up front because they don’t want to absorb the risk of bringing your business to the market. Once they have your money, though, you are at their mercy. You may never know if they put in an honest effort to sell your company to the perfect buyer.

Our Plano business brokers can offer more information at a free discovery session. Contact MDR & Associates to set up an appointment and learn what our team has to offer.

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