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Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Plano M&A Advisory Firm

Finding a Plano M&A advisory firm that treats confidentiality as a high priority is pertinent for any business owner that is thinking about selling his or her company. In order to protect your business, you do not want its intimate details falling into the wrong hands.

At MDR & Associates, our M&A advisory firm in Plano TX treats confidentiality as one of our core values, along with integrity and transparency. It is through these values that we have been able to successfully seal the deal on over 200 transactions in the history of our business. Our clients respect the way we do business and gain peace of mind by knowing that we protect their legacy.

Keeping the details of your business under wraps

It is important to work with Plano TX M&A business brokers that won’t let important information about your business find its way to competing businesses. This can be tough when shopping your business around to the general public.

Our Plano M&A advisory firm has processes in place to assure that the only people who get a glimpse at your company’s information are serious buyers.

  • Interested buyers must first register online to indicate that they are interested.
  • Our staff takes a financial snapshot of each buyer to make sure they are able and ready to buy.
  • We provide general information for interested buyers, requiring a signed confidentiality agreement in the process. If the buyer submits an offer and it is agreed upon, we extend even more information so the buyer can do their due diligence.

These careful measures ensure that not just anyone can approach our M&A advisory firm in Plano TX and obtain sensitive information about your company.

Join our Plano M&A advisory firm during the journey of selling your business. We have your best interests at heart and will work to preserve the legacy you worked so hard to build.

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