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Maximize your chances of striking the optimal deal by turning to MDR & Associates in Plano to sell a business. Our world-class staff of M&A advisors have the knowledge, tools and resources to bring your company to market and match up with, not just one, but multiple qualified buyers.

In just our first five years of operation, MDR & Associates has helped 60 owners sell a business in Plano TX. We specialize in working with established companies that have a market value of $500,000 to $50 million. We offer a free discovery meeting to all potential clients so that we can discuss your goals and determine if MDR & Associates is equipped to facilitate your expectations.

Harness our vast resources

From a rich network, filled with qualified buyers, to utilizing all the top business selling websites on the market, MDR & Associates is aggressive and proactive about finding the right buyer for you.

Turn to our team in Plano to sell a business, and ensure that you get everything you want out of a deal.

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