Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Complimentary Opinion Of Value

Meet our Dallas Cowboy Championship Ambassadors

Waco M&A Advisors Firms

Our Waco M&A advisors are the experts when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. We have access to a larger number of opportunities than a company can get on their own, we know how to ask the right questions and find out the truth about an opportunity.

In addition, our network of contacts is irreplaceable and can mean your success whether you are on the buy or sell side.


  • Deal Origination – Unlike other Waco M&A firms that are in too much of a hurry to get deals done, we’ll help you find the right fit by understanding your goals and helping you identify companies that are right for you based on those goals.
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation – Our team analyzes financials, market trends and more to determine if an acquisition makes sense for your business.
  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side Negotiations – Our M&A advisors in Waco TX take an active role to help you make sure that you get the best possible price for your business, or we can help you negotiate a price that works well for both parties involved in the deal.

Benefits of Working with Our Firm

When you’re considering an acquisition, it can be tempting to do it yourself. However, if you don’t work with M&A firms in Waco TX who understand the legal, financial and strategic aspects of acquisitions, you could make costly mistakes.

Here are some of the key reasons why working with an M&A advisor is a smart move:

  • We provide objective analyses that may differ from your own views on the target company or its market position.
  • Our Waco M&A brokers can provide you with an understanding of regulatory issues surrounding M&A
  • You can focus on running your business while we handle closing a deal


We have shared with you some of the reasons why we believe that working with our Waco M&A advisors is a great idea for your company. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business grow, contact MDR & Associates today for a consultation at (855) 637-2776.

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